SFX Beginner Workshop

How to cast and create minor flat plate prosthetics and apply a ready made facial prosthetic. With the below workshops you will learn the basics of building your character from using a mixture of a ready made foam latex prosthetic, sculpting and creating latex flat plate small minor prosthetics and learning how to apply, colour and remove the prosthetic. Students can work on themselves, although we highly recommend bringing in a model to learn how to apply to someone else simulating working within the makeup industry. 

Model will only be required for the final workshop #3.


Workshop 1 (3 hrs) - creating a character, making face charts, learning about the different products and safety precautions, learning about sculpting tools and methods, sculpting the minor flat plate and pouring ultracal plaster mold, this class will involve work with *Ultracal (plaster) and monster clay for sculpting. 


Workshop 2 ( 3 hrs) - continue on character design, de-molding plaster cast, layering and creating latex/silicone prosthetics, learning application and colouring techniques and products.


Workshop 3 ( 4 hrs) - application, colouring, creating the character, removal and storage of molds.


Workshops will be held over a period of time as curing and drying will need to take place of the molds. In total around 10 hours of tutorial at a cost of $995 including all material and equipment. Payment plans are available and can be paid over the duration of the three workshops.